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Car Workshop software fulfils the needs of service departments by offering a comprehensive service module ideally suited to both independent outlets and franchised operations.

Car Workshop Software allows you to see a live, real time overview of your service department, helping you to keep track of estimates, bookings due to arrive, services in progress and which invoices need to be paid.

Car Workshop Software also allows you to produce job cards for technicians, allowing them to get on with the job at hand.

The service history tracking feature is very straight forward to use. Simply enter the registration number and the relevant vehicle and customer information will be displayed.

All previous work completed including descriptions, exact labour and parts is listed, and you can even see previous recommendations made to the customer.

Service history tracking is an easy time-saving device for the workshop, as often the vehicle information is already entered and available. Additionally, technicians can view a vehicle's service history from within a current 'open' job for easy 'on the spot' referencing.

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Job Cards

Job cards are a core component to any workshop which makes it quick and easy to create them for your technicians on a daily basis.

Custom Invoices

Various invoices can be produced within Car Workshop Software along with the ability to customise them in different ways.


The dashboard is your personal view of Car Workshop Software. It's where you land each time you log in, and it's customisable to the needs of your job. It's the control tower for your business: giving you a 360 degree view across your business from one screen.


Parts or accessories... anything and everything that you buy or sell within your business lives in Inventory.


The bedrock of your business. Draft and commit all of your sales and purchase invoices and instantly view financial performance.


Get an accurate drill-down on all the areas of your business instantly, whether workshop performance, sales or vehicle reports.


With so many customisation possibilities, you can tweak settings to fit your business even better.


E-stores, Google documents, Google Calandar, Project management tools, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others.

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